Just A Friday

I had a very simple Friday plan, it was to do everything that I wanted to do and get some things done but no real work was to be done. That was simple plan for the day and at the top of my list was to wake up early, enjoy the weather, and ride. The best part about riding is enjoy the empty streets, and I was getting reacquainted with my machines. Later on in the day it was a True Blood and Halo ODST session, we really spent most of the day indoors trying to do as little as possible, move as little as possible. Some times you really do need one of those days, and we really got caught up with True Blood and we had some Basking Robins after lunch which perfectly hit the spot. Then later on in the evening we installed Windows 7 Ultimate on my friend’s machine which he is going to use as a media portal, and that was some serious piece of hardware.

A great combination for a Friday to relax:

  • Riding
  • Food
  • Video Games
  • Napping
  • Hardware Configuration

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. I can’t even remember what I did Friday :/

    oh well, I am still alive and thats a good sign hehe

    Glad you got to enjoy your weekend :)

  2. Kuwaity

    Friday morning is the best time for riding, even in the middle of summer…

  3. that sounds reallly fun, if i haven’t ridden since i was six and i wanna start again can i go to that riding place near wataniya? or r u talking about more manly motorbike riding.

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