British Airways Lands in Las Vegas

Now this is an interesting development from British Airways, out of all the large airlines operating in the region British Airways has been on the more expensive side. This new route has seemed a bit odd to me since its not the most successful route, and Emirates used to fly there but they stopped because a lot of the times their planes flew empty. It seems they want to take a knock at Virgin Atlantic over this route, I didn’t know they viewed them as that much of a threat. I don’t know how much more bookings this route will bring them but I know the British Airways is hurting the most from all the major airlines.

I was checking the booking for British Airways to Las Vegas from Kuwait and it came out to be 1590 KWD which is a lot less damaging then the quote I recieved a couple of months ago for Virgin which was a ridiculous 4260 KWD. I even called to make sure that they aren’t quoting British Pounds, but they were serious about that price and it was the same online.

Link: Luxist

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  1. nawaf

    La etgooli hathia s3er il economy class!

  2. dude you need to speak to a travel agent if you’re paying 5600 dollars to go to Europe from the Middle east.

  3. BA are doing interesting things… They announced a business class only flight London (City Airport) to New York.

    Good luck to this GREAT AIRLINE…

  4. hahaha .. i’ve always wondered who would go from london to las vegas direct!! ;p

    a MUCH cheaper alternative is kuwait to dc .. dc to vegas .. united airlines

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