Schengen Issues

A lot of people travel to Europe for vacation or business, there is a lot to see and do, so I was surprised to here this happened to a colleague of mine. He is Kuwaiti and applied for a Schengen Visa, he wanted to travel to Germany for a medical check up and a short vacation. He had a schengen visa and his reservations ready to go. As soon as he landed in Frankfurt they pulled him aside at the passport counter, they told him his Schengen Visa is a forgery and he can not enter Germany, they will bring him a translator.

A Sudanese translator came, and he explained to him clearly that he understood and that is clearly wrong. They asked if he applied for his Visa himself at the German Embassy, he said no, the travel agency applied for him and they got the Schengen Visa from Spanish Embassy. They kept claiming it was a forgery, so he contacted the Kuwaiti Embassy, and they tried from their end but the counselor said that no matter what they did they were still claiming its a forgery and refused him entry. So he had no choice but to fly back to Kuwait, luckily the Lufthansa flight lands at 5 am and leaves at 4 pm to Kuwait, so he was arguing for hours but with no luck.

When he got back to Kuwait, he contacted the Ministry of Exterior to file a complaint and contacted the counselor as well. After jumping through a few hoops, he got the explanation that it isn’t a forgery but they have seemed to apply a new law in Europe that if someone travels to a Schengen country that he must get a Schengen which originates from that country to travel to it first then to other European countries, so in his case he should have went to Spain then to Germany. I don’t know if this is completely true because I just went to Italy on a Schengen from the German Embassy, so it doesn’t make sense. Also to get a Schengen from the Spanish Embassy takes one day, and to take it from the French or German Embassy takes about 2 to 3 weeks, the Italian Embassy takes about a week to ten days, so you can understand why large quantities of people apply for it through the Spanish Embassy. Also another explanation that was presented was that the other Embassies were complaining about the Spanish Embassy so they complained that they were taking a lot of income away. So it seems this is the action the German Immigration took, so how do you prove that it isn’t fake.

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  1. I don’t understand why you would trust a travel agent to prepare your visa? It’s not that big of a hassle to do yourself..
    This summer my travel itinerary covered 4 Schengen countries, I was told to get the visa from “the country I would be spending the most time in” and not the first country I arrive to… Hope that helps

  2. No its not true…you can apply at any Schengen countries embassy and travel to any country first!! there must be some other issue involving this.

  3. i always heard this would happen if you didnt get your schengen from the embassay of the first country you arrive in, but never actually heard of it happen to someone before!

  4. You have to travel to the country you apply at as a first leg of the trip… Then you can use the same visa (assuming it’s multi entry) to travel anywhere in the Schengen area.

    It’s funny to hear this about Germany… They had a visit to increase tourism recently :)

  5. 3azeez

    If they really believed it was fake they would have held him and interrogated him for hours.

  6. Just like Bu Yousef said, if you apply for a german schengen visa, the first country you land in europe must be germany. I think I read it on Wikipedia the first time.

    Thing is they don’t need to apply this rule, they usually let you in but they do have the right to refuse you entry if they want.

  7. lfc-q8

    that rule was before now its free u get it from the italians and enter germany only its fine

  8. This is a great informative post Marzouq and I salute you for it.

  9. It’s all BS… each embassy claims that you need to get the visa from the first point of entry so they can get the visa fees

    I’ve never stuck to that rule and never faced any issues

  10. if it was a fake your friend wouldn’t be able to catch the 4pm luftwaffe back…if u know what i mean.
    Maybe the translator got it wrong…

  11. AGWAF

    There must have been other reasons for this.
    I do not think they had the right to refuse him entry on false grounds.

  12. 3ad ana i wanted to go to France with my Greek visa!

    i have to double check this rule !!

    cz mali khlg the hassle of the french embassy !

  13. “It’s all BS… each embassy claims that you need to get the visa from the first point of entry so they can get the visa fees”

    Either taht or it’s a soft law that they normally allow you to break but they have the right to stop you from entering their country if they want to…..

  14. Ahmad

    There’s another potential issues, what if you get a multi-year schengen visa from one of the countries. Do you have to *always* travel first to that country?

    That’s very stupid and stinks of people with euro signs in their eyes!

  15. Ahmed

    Obviously not a fake. If it was, being an arab and trying to enter the EU illegally would have caused chaos to the traveler with immigration officers plus the police, Thinknig that he might be a terrosit. What a suprise hey! Thank alqaeda and “muslim” fanatics for that.

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