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Went to Dubai for the day last weekend to test out the M6, which has had a few modifications made mostly to the suspension and a few other items. After a long road and arduous task they have finally completed this beautiful machine. The one problem with modifying a BMW is that the car has a lot of electronics, so you have to make sure you satisfy every sensor on the car after each modification and this is one sensitive car, if one thing is off the whole thing goes down the bin. So it took a lot of probing and testing to narrow down the main issue and develop solutions for it, on the way to that they fixed a few steering and intake issues I was facing and I still believe the V10 from BMW is there best creation yet.

I got a call last week from the guys at TAM saying my car is ready, and they asked if I wanted the suspension race tuned, I said yes please. So by Saturday it would be completed, I couldn’t wait to take it for a major test spin, and they were really prepping the car. They took it for a few test runs with each suspension tune, and took it to the track for a final test. When I got in on Saturday they tuned the car to my weight and asked how often I would have someone with me in the car to factor that in. Now this is the 2nd test run I have had since a few months back and I was worried it might but a little too stiff, but I was wrong it was perfect.

It was firm and perfectly stiff, comfortable to drive on the road and handled every horsepower it was spitting out. I finally got rid of that annoying body roll and fixed that understeer issue. The car turns when commanded, handles like a go-kart, and I was abusing it on the industrial area they had. The mechanic with me kept on telling me to go faster around corners, it seems he knows my car very well, he even complained about it being sensitive like a woman, I couldn’t help but laugh he knew my car well. I couldn’t have asked for anything better then what they have improved as well as other things in the car, then there was the other issues that they fixed. I am happy customer, and every time I went into TAM they have more impressive cars.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. DeReD

    Is that a carbon fiber hood you got there??

    Sweet Ride..

  2. yikez

    ^ yep it is!

    M6 looks great mashala

  3. Hussain Dashti

    good job with the M6 , what engine modifications it has?

  4. Kuwaity

    You are teasing me  I can’t wait to install my fully adjustable KW V3 coilovers on my S2000. I did a lot of research about the perfect setup and decided to use the factory recommended setup then retune it for my liking. The problem also is the ride height, I’d love to lower it about 2.5 cm but afraid of scratching it with speed bumps.

    Most people says that German cars are complicated, and sensitive but I don’t think so, once you know what is the philosophy behind each system and its controllers then the “adaptation” is very simple using a scan tool. That’s why I like VAG cars. I can easily adapt or recode any controller on the Phaeton using scan tool. The only problem I couldn’t solve is how to disable the adaptive cruise control, even the dealer couldn’t. So the only way to do it is to visit the transparent factory once I visit Germany.

  5. KuwaitQ

    Love the X-Bow…
    More pics next time plz

  6. Mabrook! The ride’s looking sweet!

    Can’t wait to see it in action!


    COOL X-BOW!!

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