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A Bite @ Meat Company

During the one day trip to Dubai to check out TAM Auto Engineering I met up with some friends to get a bite to eat and go to the movies. They didn’t have a place in mind so I directly went to Meat Company, they have been very consistent with their food, specifically the meat, and the service. We were all ridiculously hungry by the time we got to the restaurant, it was a simple order, lots of beef ribs for apetizers then straight to the steaks.

One of our friends was so hungry we was staring intently at the Kabab that came hanging on a skewer. I perfer the Rib-eye for the best steak, a combination of juicy and tasty, and on their menu I order the Wagyu Rib-Eye which is a satisfying 250 gram steak. It really hit the spot for us, cold cokes to cool off and the steaks to fill up. I’m happy they have kept up their level over the years, and will continue to go their when I’m in Dubai.