First Stop Al Falah

Got my car back at last, on a flat bad at the end of the work day on Thursday, it was dirty so the first thought that came to mind even before food was to head to Al Falah Car Wash. The car really needs to be detailed, there were smudges inside all over, dirt all over the car so there was no way I could leave it this way on its first day back in my control. I took off to Al Falah Car Wash, and I knew the timing was perfect and it wouldn’t be too busy at the end of the work day on a Thursday. As soon as I got it, the guys even remembered that they needed to cover my intakes when I forgot, they got to plastic bags to cover the intake while they wash the car, and they did give it a thorough cleaning.

I knew that I wanted to detail the car but I missed it too much to leave it their for a day, I wanted to drive it, anywhere and everywhere. The best part is these guys knew what they were doing, I love when they use an airhose to get the water out of all those annoying places. It drives me nuts that I see water coming out of these small places leaving dry trails across the car. The leather was cleaned, it looked really good and there were no longer those blotches in the interior, but they said they need time to really clean it up and bring back the normal look. The tires were given the right shine, they worked on it for about 35 minutes before it was really done, and as soon as I got back into the car it felt brand new, that is one very satisfying wash.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. I like Al-Falah Car Wash,, I always take my cars there. they really are professionals.

    GR here “zdistrict” comes. hehe

  2. @Laialy_q8 – Alah yin3am 3alaich!

    @N – I agree 100%! I’m so hyped up I want to rip the roads apart! lool! At this rate I will end up in Jail! haha

    @Bu Yousef – Ib wayh nabiyik! Very clean, they do a nice job!

    @Ansam – Alah yin3am ib 7aalich!

  3. nawaf

    3la 3eni w rasi il m76a bas ya khook wayd etsawelaha d3aya.. koon 9ree7 3endik share feha :P

  4. @nawaf – Law kaan 3indy chan redly kil ewfloosy el 9araft bil detailing! Bes I have a simple moto, I recommend places that have been consistently good bil Ikwait, the problem we face bil ikwait is consistent good service and that is one thing that they have been doing for the past few years, always giving good service!

  5. Meshari

    Well, garat 3ainek first, to be honest, i take my SUV there every time, been a loyal customer there, they take really good care of your car, but currently the weather isn’t helping for a wash, but it just makes the world easier if you saw your car all shiny and clean!

    Marzouq, out of the subject, i’m heading to the UK in December and i’m thinking of getting a Ducati, which one do you recommend? i heard they are a pain in the ass when it comes to maintenance and that i should go with Japanese?, i want a Ducati that isn’t “much” demanding at least, and I’ll be driving it semi-daily, any idea?

  6. na3eeman, where is it, and how much did it cost?

  7. girl

    I heard about a car wash service they to come to your house! Any one knows about them! Are they good!?

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