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Captain Planet!!

Captain Planet was one of those shows that were supposed to bring a message in the early 90s to convince people to recycle and get kids to convince their parents. I was not one of those kids, and recycling in Kuwait was a joke so I was very skeptical but watching the cartoons made me feel guilty. I thought the Captain Planet was a wuss, and really what was power of the heart, Wheeler is the red headed kid who thought he was really cool. Did the show’s creators really think that we didn’t know “Gaia” was Whoopi Goldberg, even I knew her voice at that age, she was not a good looking woman and so that was a misconception. I hated the show more and more, even though I was watching it, Captain Planet really annoyed the hell out of me because most of what they were saying was crap. Even in Kuwait when they tried to start recycling and to help people to recycle it wasn’t too successful either, made me hate the guy even more. I thought any other comic book character could kick his ass at any point in time.

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