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Review: Gamer

In the near future inmates play to live and people who don’t want to live, live to be played in the ultimate social networking game. Inmates are given the chance to get out of jail by participating in “Slayers” being controlled by other humans through brain implants, the same technology used and tried in the ultimate social networking game. Gerard Butler aka “Kable” is the ultimate soldier, a killing machine with a damn good controller working with him, many die but its only a game that they signed up for and more inmates sign up. There is more to this then just what you see, Kable wants to get out and he will be the first to complete Ken Castle’s game aka Dexter aka Michael C Hall. Michael C Hall plays the ultimate villain and he plays him so well, like a bit of psycho with a lot of power, very entertaining and as usual Gerard Butler kicks major ass. A fun filled movie that anyone can enjoy, action packed and Gerard Butler proves himself to be a badass just as in 300.

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