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Bose Tri-port Headphone Tips

I have been using these headphones for a while now and they have been working great. They keep out the sound of the annoying safety videos on planes while flying, I can hear clearly on the motorcycle, they don’t irritate the ears after riding some time and you can clearly hear a nice solid base in the head phones. The one annoying part is the tips, when ever I pull them out o my pocket or out of bag there is always a possibility that tip might fall off and this time I ran out of extra tips. I went onto ebay to find some headphone tips, they sell them in bunches so I bought 10 pieces of the medium size for $11 from a supplier in Hong Kong since their weren’t that many other choices, I’m just hoping that they are the same quality and fit, I’m worried they might be fake or might cause irritation at a later point but I really like these headphones so hopefully this will solve my problem of losing those tips.