Cougar Town

Courtney Cox is a single mother living in Florida with her 17 year old and she is recently divorced wanting to discover the life she missed out on while she was married. Looked like an interesting show it started off as funny, and just got funnier, I think that this show could stay. There are bunch of other women trying to prey on younger men, then there are other older men around town that they get caught up with. Its a show to be added to the comedy list.

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A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Q80 In Denver

    Marzouq don’t miss these new shows ..

    – The Middle

    – Modern Family

    – Flashforward

    I would consider them the best of the new shows!

  2. i didn’t like it

  3. Did you check out my reviews some of the new comedy shows that I am liking:

    – Accidentally on Purpose
    – Modern Family
    – Cougar Town
    – Community

    and the not so comedy ones
    -The Vampire Diaries (you might enjoy this too it’s like Gossip Girl meets Twilight LOL! in a weird way)

  4. Looks interesting
    I think it would be hilarious as an English (as opposed to American) setting and cast

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