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Coming back from work I called ahead and told them to put lunch, as soon as I came in dropped my things in my room, I could smell the rice from two floors up. I was trying to remain calm while heading down to eat but that composure didn’t last long, I was hungry as hell and I wanted to eat like there was no tomorrow. This is probably my favorite dish, its an automatic that I have this dish after every time I travel, its a very satisfying meal and that is what I was looking for right after work.

I was watching Lie To Me while eating, I managed to catch most of the show but my attention was initially with the food. I don’t like it when its too oily or when it isn’t cooked right but this time around it was perfect, I’m a leg man so I enjoyed those drumsticks. After I was done with the meal I did what came naturally, laid down on the couch and passed out while something was playing on the tv.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. OMG i can swim in that rice it looks so good … i can’t believe you have time to take pics when hungry :p

  2. Hadn’t had machboos since last summer :( :( :(

  3. @ Laialy_q8,

    he has SD slots behind his ears, all he has to do is blink and the pics are shot and saved there :-)

  4. 3azeez

    could u some time post a step by step pictured tutorial of how to cook this? man i’m starving now… dont forget el daqoos too!

  5. yikez

    uMmmm bil 3afya !

  6. Pree!!

    If you were really hungry and couldn’t compose your self how did you find the time to take all these photos?!?!?!?

  7. Someone

    yo3aaaaaaan walla rathi ryoooooq

  8. oh man! your machboos posts are the best! :D

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