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How Much Does Google Know! Google – Dashboard


I’m the type of person who has always been somewhat paranoid about information that is stored on line, thats why I have avoided most social networking sites over the years, they have morphed into these blobs of machines which eat up anything you throw at it but thats another story. Maybe I have seen Enemy of the State with Gene Hackmen and Will Smith, but I’m still a little paranoid. But with all that there is one site that all people trust to a degree, its just under the radar but you give it all your info without thinking twice and that is Google. I use lots of their applications, such as Gmail, Google Docs, Google Wave, GChat, Google Checkout, Google Latitude, Picasa, GoogleReader, and some of my other emails are hosted on Google. Google pretty much knows what I am doing most of the day, what I’m accessing, what I’m reading, and when I’m doing anything online.

I always thought about it, but never really put it all together until Google went ahead and made their dashboard that connects most of their products together. Its a very useful tool so that you can control all your settings from one location, but it made me realize how much I am using Google and how much they have stored on me, they even know where I am at any point in time because I have Google Latitude on my Blackberry. Google has made all their products free, great to use, very useful, very integrated and more. I am even trying to find ways to connect other Google services to my mobile to make even more use of them, and I am fan of the Android software. Luckily they are making these amazing products but if at any one point in time Google decides to turn hostile and take over the world, then we have pretty much lost the battle in the first place.

Link: Gizmodo