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Got an email last week about some sort of screening to take place about a game show, it was a pilot episode of Ken-Niz which is a treasure hunt type show across Kuwait between two teams. The people involved in the show were very enthusiastic, the meeting spot was at Plaza Starbucks, then we were taken to screening room of EVMG which is an independent production company.

They were very enthusiastic, there were other bloggers there and a few people who were there. I went Thursday around 5:00 pm, right after work so I wanted to see what this was all about.

The show was a lot of fun, it was a little rough around the edges, but independently put together by an all Kuwaiti team, including the people working on the show, the editors, producers, pretty much everyone and that really impressed me. They asked us to be brutal with the commentary, we had our comments but everyone pretty much enjoyed the show and it turns out that they made it over two years ago and it took this long to get it into full swing and it has been picked up by Al Wattan TV.

Now they are looking for participants, teams of 5, a group of 5 friends, 5 siblings, a family of 5, people who could work together to win the competition and those who win go to the next episode and more and more prizes to get with an interesting story line. Since the show has been picked up by Al Watan TV it is set to air March of 2010, I know I want to check it out and see how they plan out these treasure hunts.

Casting Call:

Date: Wednesday 18th November 2009
Time:5pm to 9 pm
Location: Bayt Lothan