Review: 2012

The world is about to come to an end, the Mayans predicted it and now science is proving it. The movie was entertaining, the action was good, there funny moments and sometimes the graphics were a little over the top but a very enjoyable movie. John Cusak played his role perfectly, and Amanda Peet pulled it off perfectly but the surprise for me was the funny role the Woody Harrelson played. Then the best part for me was that Danny Glover was President of the United States, I have been saying he should have been President since Predator 2. So many other characters in the movie that it’s surprising, but I really did enjoy how they tied the story together, how everyone comes together. A movie worth watching at least once.

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  1. i for one thought that the movie was ridiculous oo inna kalak ib kalak….they should at least make it realistic, everything blows up around cusack yet he somehow miraculously survives every threat!

  2. walla it was a amazing movie… personally, I enjoy watching end-of-the-world kind of movies.

  3. this was a really good movie compared to the movies that came out this u said over the top, we wouldve been dead first second of the disasters rather than dodging things off cusack style;p..i like how they somehow it was made into Noah’s arc neo version..friday being the last day on earth, and how money cant buy everything! a very interesting wth amazing visual effects

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