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Functional Shutdown


Left work at 3:00 pm, had a ridiculous headache and I was hungry as hell. I wasn’t functional from noon until 3pm, all I could think about was food and getting some sleep. As soon as I got home I had lunch, and passed out within 30 minutes. I woke up about 4 hours later not realizing so much time went by but the funny part is that I woke up hungry wanting more food, so I had dinner around 9:00pm. I think that waking up early getting a lot done over the past week has finally caught up with me and hit me on Sunday, I do like sleep but I also like to get a lot of things done during the week and weekend, but now I have a few things to do for this week. At least later in the evening I spent some time cleaning up, getting some paperwork in order, organizing the piles of things I have all over the floor, I always think that I will make time to organize my thing but there is always something that distracts me. I need to organize my music, I have a lot of new music that I need to put into a new play list and that will take no more then an hour, but still haven’t gotten around to it.

Sidenote – I took my Beemer to BMW for an Oil Change and check up

  • Their quick service on Saturday is a 4 hour wait
  • The Oil Change is 65 KD but Lexus is 27 KD, and their AC filter is 45 KD which is damn expensive

At least I knew the mechanic who is a good guy, he took my car quick and had it all done within an hour since it wasn’t much work for him. I got rid of all those annoying symbols coming up on the screen, now all I need is to drop the car at Al Falah Car Wash for a full detail so they can clean the leather.

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