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Pocket Camcorders 2009

There have been a lot of HD pocket camcorders released over the passed year with lots of specs and details, and press releases. Luckily Gizmodo took the time to test all of them in real life situations and came up with some very interesting results that I agree with. The main criteria for judging this little machines was smoothness of video during motion, image sharpness, noise, color reproduction, and quality of sound. The usual hardware specs is pretty similar between all the machines but the details here are very well thought out and tested.



  • Flip Ultra HD
  • Flip Mino HD
  • Kodak Zi8

Flip has really made solid cameras and I have used them in different situations, and I have both the Mino HD and Ultra HD, but great pocket camcorders, great quality of sound and picture which are very reasonably priced, under $200. They are capable of a few improvements to make them even better cameras, but I think they have kept the amazing products they have and slowly develop it.

Link: Gizmodo

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