Review: Sirius Satellite Radio Online


Out of the Satellite Radio companies I used to prefer XM but now I’m a huge fan of Sirius but the best part is they merged and a large selection of channels is available to Sirius Satellite Radio Online Users. It’s great how they made the service modular, if you have a Sirius subscription then you get the online service for free, but if you don’t then you can receive it for about $2.99 per month which is very low for the amount of channels and quality.

What I Listen To:

  • Sirius XM Hits 1
  • 20 on 20
  • Sirius XM Chill
  • BPM (Dance)
  • Hip Hop Nation (Rap/HipHop)
  • The Heat (RnB/HipHop)
  • Sirius NFL
  • Howard Stern
  • Blue Collar Comedy

Real Usage:

  • You can listen to it through your iPod Touch/iPhone, there is a laptop application or launch from a browser for it, you can listen through music systems or table top systems such as Sonos or Grace Radio.
  • The quality is fantastic, and integartes with lots of systems, I listen to NFL channel during the games and mos to of the time BPM Dance channel in the back ground. Over the years it has only gotten better with more quality and more channels.

Link: Sirius Internet Radio

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  1. Nathan

    Wait.. are you sure about the prices? Because when I had a Sirius subscription they charged an EXTRA $2.99 for online listening.. then when I cancelled my subscription they said to keep online listening it would be the full $12.95 (since it would no longer be tied to a subscription)

    The iPod app is cool, but since I got the Pandora and apps, I really haven’t had to go back to Sirius

  2. ahmed

    Dont you need a US credit card. Can users in kuwait use it?

  3. Kuwaity

    Guys how can you possiblly listen to mp3s and satalite radio? the sound quality is not satisfactory to me. I can’t even listen to origonal CDs after listening to SACDs and DVD-Audio not even comperssed audio!

    allrught maybe becouse i’m not a big music fan but why poeple listen to compressded audio all the time? is it practicality? cost? or what?

  4. Shahim

    Can I fit a SIRIUS radio receiver in my car here in Kuwait?
    Would it work?

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