BlackBerry Bold 9700 – In Kuwait


This is probably one of the most sought after Blackberry after the other ones, everybody seems to want one. I am very comfortable with my 8900 Curve which does the job perfectly and is relatively light, but some people just don’t like the keyboard. And in my opinion the current Bold is filled with bugs and problems, so this 9700 Bold is similar to the 8900 Curve in design but with a big keyboard like the original bold and hopefully more stable software. As for a availability it is trickling in the market with astronomical prices, even buying an unlocked one from the US is a bit expensive but there are solutions.

  • Kuwait Prices range from 240 – 270 KD as of today
  • From you can buy it for 165 KD and shipping two day to Kuwait is 30 KD and they accept international credit cards so it goes for 195KD which is a much better price with the link below


A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. My next purchase for sure! I am one of the Bold faithful and have been waiting for this phone for quite some time. I tried the new trackpad on the new Curve and I thought it was brilliant.

    Will the model work in Kuwait or will it have to be hacked?

  2. 3amor_q

    ok 165 kd bedon eltax! when you include the tax it will be 187 kd! so mako faida!

  3. elwehbi: Agreed, its a very good looking fone, the touch pad is fantastic!

    3amar_q8: Like I said, if you put a Kuwait shipping address its an extra 30 KD for shipping and tax is excluded because you put a Kuwait Shipping address

  4. N is sellin it for $510…good price!!
    just ordered mine from there :)

  5. clove customer

    been a clove customer for over a year now ordered tens of blackberries from them shipped to either kuwait or london and believe me when i say they’re one of the most reliable online sellers out there, plus their service is super fast, i got my new bold overnight. and yes the devices they sell are unlocked and unbranded

  6. tartooob

    Ma I know where is it sold exactly in Kuwait ?

  7. streetjab

    I tried using Clove and they keep declining my NBK Credit card. I finally called them up to the UK and they tried both my debit and credit card while i was on the fone with them. Didnt work out. Meanwhile the bank says theres absolutely nothing wrong with the card and it could be a connection error.

  8. mishari il baher

    is it in x-cite in the avenues or marina ?? :)

  9. Abdulsalam

    when will zain get it?

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  12. UnKnoWn

    How much is it now (18/04/2010)? Cuz everyone’s been telling me that it’s the best on the market bn nesba 7ag bajeee el BB’s … and I still don’t have a BB and I’m dying to buy one!!!

  13. UnKnoWn

    How much is it now (18/04/2010)? Cuz everyone’s been telling me that it’s the best on the market bn nesba 7ag bajeee el BB’s … and I still don’t have a BB and I’m dying to buy one!!!

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