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Places such as these in Kuwait are far and few, I was invited to the soft launch of a Home Theater & Home Automation Company in Tilal Complex. I didn’t have very high expectations, but the staff asked me to pass by during the soft opening and to say my expectations were blown out of the water is an understatement. When you walk in you have 6 areas with their displays and different setups, such as dining room, outdoor area, living room, bed room and a few variations.

The setup was very nice but I’m not one who really gets impressed by just some pieces of equipment wired up nicely, what I like is the thought process that was put into designing the way they are setup and the products they choose for indoor or outdoor use. And what I liked the most is the knowledge and understanding of the people, it isn’t your run of the mill electronics store, these guys knew about sound resonance, sound deadening techniques for home theater rooms, the right equipment for the right needs and surprisingly for the shine and show their prices are reasonable. They even had some nice Optima projectors which had amazing blacks and I enjoyed watching Live Free or Die Hard. They had a very interesting home automation system which integrates with your iPod or iPhone which the they were using, not just the panels on the wall.

The home theater rooms were fantastic, they had three rooms, one was very nice with the sound and visuals, one was amazing and the third room just completely blew me away with the 9.2 setup meaning ( 9 Speakers & 2 Sub-Woofers which shook the room like an earthquake). I loved that they were showing off the highest end home theater with the Matrix. There were a few tacky things that I didn’t like but I wasn’t there for the taste in furniture, they have an amazing store and I hope it is successful and everyone should check it out to at least see some of those theater rooms with the ridiculously comfortable seats, I didn’t want to get up but there were other people who wanted to see so I had to get out of the room after forgetting that I wasn’t there to watch the whole movie.

Tilal Complex Mizanine close to the Cafe
Tel: 2482 6846

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  1. Kuwaity

    WoW. It is nice to hear that their prices are reasonable. I remember long time ago when one Kuwaiti engineer opened a home theater shop in Tala complex in Salmiya. He made several home theaters in Kuwait with prices ranging from KD 10,000 to KD 50,000. He showed me some pictures and the list of the equipments and I was totally shocked! But with Hi-end electronic and excellent design he can’t make cheap home theaters. So after about one year, his store was closed. The same was for another shop in Kuwait city, he closed because no customer appreciate the thing. Behbehani also closed his excellent shops all over Kuwait, probably for the same cause.

    The good news that they have some room acoustic knowledge, this alone is 50% of the system sound quality. I made some home theater setups but the real problem is the room acoustics, because people don’t want to change their room style just to get better sound.

    I must give it a visit….

  2. Will pay them a visit to upgrade my Theater

  3. Envision

    I would like to extend a thank you to zdistrict for coming to the showroom, it was a pleasure.

    And I take this chance to invite all those who are interested to come pay us a visit.

    look forward to updates throu our friends @zdistrict

  4. WoW, the place looks amazing,, I love this stuff.

    thanx for this review, must go check it out..

  5. Michael Silverman

    you pay for the sexy one way or another i would be interested to no what there labor warranty is

  6. Imane Lrhoul

    I believe you got some great stuff. I didn’t know you had furnitures too!
    Anyways; i love the most the idea of “Vin Diesel” on the screen ;)

  7. Excellent post. I want to thank you for this informative read, I really appreciate sharing this great post.

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