Angry Girl Go Smash!

Who said girls don’t get angry when you ignore them and play video games all day. My solution is to get the girls in on the game but it seems this guy totally ignored her and she took matters into her own hands. If that was my X-Box I would be pressing charges, but the guy is hilarious at the end.

Link: Gizmodo

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Asshole it looks like the lesson wasn’t learned!

    “You better hope my warranty covers this!”

    Dumbass deserves to have his Xbox destroyed

  2. 3azeez

    the hard drive was ejected on the first hit. thats good cuz saved games are probably still there.

    i bet the xbox can still be powered on!

  3. LOL @ 3azeez! ye7aty el saved games. The guy seems so calm about it though!! Thats odd!

  4. Mo


    That guy deserves the same treatment his xbox got for being so calm. What the hell is wrong with him?!!

    I would have turned around, headed to the hardware store and came back at the bi*** with a chainsaw. Sell her damn bodyparts on eBay and use the money to pay for a new xbox.

  5. he need to dump her, nothing good can come from a crazy girl like that!

  6. Lol @ “I’d press charges”…

    He’s one of those guys that played so much, his reactions have been fried by the lack of emotional/social contact…and she needs more practice with that 9 Iron (smashing things should be more fun than that).

  7. psytrance

    i bet the xbox has been cured from RROD

  8. AGWAF

    Aham shai she looks at the camera while smashing it hahaha

  9. she was shivering when talking to him,, kinda eksarat ‘7a6ri,, i feel sorry for her,, good girl,, hope all xbox’s get smashed

    PS3 rocks (^___^) “

  10. Travis

    I hope the golf club is ok.

  11. The guy doesn’t look pissed at his broken xbox, he’s so calm about it!

    Breaking an Xbox is no solution, there’s a simple and easy way, simply ignore the guy when he wants attention, and there are many ways around doing that :D e.g. Deprive him of food lol

  12. And as for your “Pressing Charges” comment, would you still go ahead if your niece, nephew, mom, children, wife, brother or dad broke it?

    It’ll be interesting and i wonder what court would that hold up in?

    “My family member broke my Xbox” lol

    Now that would be a good topic for one of the family court shows Judge Judy et al.

    How about I get one of your family members to try this on you as an experiment and see what your reaction would be!

    Those in favor say yay!

  13. Ab


    The acting is so bad, because any sane guy would take the remaining xbox and smash it on her head.

    The laptop video is even worse.

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