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Bahrain and Back

Took the Wataniya Airlines flight to Bahrain at 7:50 am for an 11 am meeting, landed around 9 am and rented the Primo Limousine car service to take us around for the two meetings and then back to the airport but for a late night 10 pm flight back. Every time I go through the Bahrain Immigrations I enjoy how nice they are and they are always joking around, this is the one airport they are nice to everyone coming through.

We headed to the Ritz since our meetings were two minutes away from it by car. We had some tea and check our meeting point and presentations before heading in. Also the Ritz is a rip off, a 2 hour internet card is 10 BD which is ridiculous, plus the standard room with tax was for 200 BD which is insane. We headed to the meeting, then lunch at the Indian restaurant in the Ritz then the second meeting. Then off to the airport after some relaxing, we got there around 6:30 pm and I assumed it would be open by 7:30 pm but I was mistaken they only open the check in counter for Wataniya an hour and a half before the flight and so we were waiting with those going to Hajj until it opened. But by 8:30 pm we managed to check in and went to the Dulan lounge which is the first time I stay there and I have to say its amazing, probably one the best I have seen. One thing I do enjoy is that Sheikh Sa’ad Aiport is very easy to enter and leave from without any issues, and as soon I did I got my car out of the parking and heading home.

(I almost never drink coffee but I was only on a few hours of sleep so I had a tea cup filled it with Arabic coffee to wake me up)