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Happy Eid


Happy Eid to Every and Hajj Maqbool to those who went, it is raining in Mecca right now and looks amazing. For this Eid I have a simple schedule in mind which requires very little thinking on my, its pretty much catching up on things I have to do and relaxing.

Simple Task List:

  • Passing By Family early in the Morning for Eid
  • Watching A Couple of Movies
  • Catching Up On TV Shows
  • Reorganizing Books & Comics
  • Cleaning Out Old that I don’t need
  • Ripping a few CDs
  • Updating My Playlists
  • Riding A Lot

I’m avoiding the shopping malls for the next few days, when I passed by Avenues on the way to Al Rai that place was so overflowed that there wasn’t even parking on the street available. I hate traffic so I’m going to try to avoid that if its possible.