Happy Eid


Happy Eid to Every and Hajj Maqbool to those who went, it is raining in Mecca right now and looks amazing. For this Eid I have a simple schedule in mind which requires very little thinking on my, its pretty much catching up on things I have to do and relaxing.

Simple Task List:

  • Passing By Family early in the Morning for Eid
  • Watching A Couple of Movies
  • Catching Up On TV Shows
  • Reorganizing Books & Comics
  • Cleaning Out Old that I don’t need
  • Ripping a few CDs
  • Updating My Playlists
  • Riding A Lot

I’m avoiding the shopping malls for the next few days, when I passed by Avenues on the way to Al Rai that place was so overflowed that there wasn’t even parking on the street available. I hate traffic so I’m going to try to avoid that if its possible.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Happy Eid to you too. The traffic is unbelievable. I wanted to go to Boots today but then I wanted nothing more than to get out of traffic. I decided to settle for the Jam3iya and that was nasty too. Go figure :/

  2. i’m not only avoiding shopping mall,, i’m avoiding the streets,, will not leave qurtoba

    happy happy eid everybody

  3. Jewaira

    No chalet or barr? The weather is great for it these days.

    Eid Mubarak Marzouq

  4. 3eedik mubarak :)

  5. كل عام وانتم بخير
    وتقبل الله طاعتكم

  6. 3eedik embarak o kil3am wentaw ibkhair inshallah :)

  7. @Miss Good Egg – Thank you! The traffic is ridiculous!

    @vampire – Thanks Buddy! I agree, its not worth moving!

    @Kuwait10 – Thank you!

    @Jewaira – Thank you Jewaira! I have another plan for Burr in mind soon!

    @Laialy_q8 – Thank you :)

    @reemas – Thank you!

    @B – Ayamich Sa3eedah!

    @Kal – Mina o minik inshalla! o Ayamik sa3eeda!

    @FAH-Buzberry – Inta ib 9u7a o salamah!

    @eshda3wa – Ayamich sa3eeda!

    @Yousef – Ayamik sa3eeda!

    @fereej – Ayamik sa3eeda!! :)

  8. A late reply to you… Still catching up with my reading.

    Happy Eid to you and yours. kil 3am winta bkhair.

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