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Lexus LFA – Lease Now Buy Later


Now this is an interesting turn of events from Lexus, there has been a lot of buzz about the LFA. At $150’000 this is one of the most expensive vehicles from Lexus yet, but a limited production of 500 will be made, sold, and delivered by January 2011. What usually happens with high end limited cars such as these is that a few by them to drive, and many buy them to drive up the prices and make a profit over the mark up. What Lexus is doing so that dealerships don’t have the usually excuse for equipment and training to mark up prices, they are providing for the specialized training for special mechanics, and provide the equipment free of charge to those specific dealerships who are authorized to sell the LFA. Now for the interesting part, Lexus will not be selling the LFA outright, they will lease them for 2 years and give you a buy out option later. This is meant to discourage those companies or individuals who buy limited quantity machines such as the LFA and try to sell them at ridiculous profit, making it difficult to transfer the machine to another owner, if this works other supercar manufacturers will follow suit.

Link: Autoblog