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Starbucks – Out Of Stock


It seems everyone is getting affected by the lack of all forms of milk from KDD these days but Starbucks takes it one step further. During this amazing rain I felt like getting a drink while finishing up some work this Saturday morning. To my surprise the place was packed in Bida’a, waited in line while on the phone. Got to the counter, asked for a Mocha Frapaccino, she gave me a mix of other ingredients with chocolate, and something else thrown in and it tastes the same. I said fine, instead let me have Raspberry Frapaccino, then she said they are out of stock of that as well but they have the Mango version. What I don’t understand is that they are constantly out of stock of the Raspberry Frapaccino, I would think they would see the demand and slightly stock up on it, but this is the case in a lot of the locations.

Well, I walked out and since I was close to Dahia Abdulla Al Salem I went to the Juice Place there and got me an Embra6oor (Emperor) which hit the spot while driving in the morning.