Baskin Robins – Delivery


Now this turned out to be an interesting conversation, we felt like Baskin Robbins ice cream since there was no Coldstone in the vicinity. We decided to call the 1800 number instead of driving there. I called the phone and an Egyptian man at the call center answered, I asked for Chocolate Chip and he said its not a flavor they have, then I asked for Prailins and Cream, then he said that isn’t a flavor they have, then I asked for Strawberry Cheese Cake Ice Cream, and he says they have Straberry Ice Cream. I asked him if this was this was Baskin Robbins and he said it is, so I said thank you but I will driver over there.

I thought I was out of my mind, but when I got to the Baskin Robbins I was correct with all my flavor choices. Then the Philipino guys at Baskin Robbins complained about the Egyptian call center, they don’t know the flavors and confuse the customers. Turns out the since Baskin Robins is part of Americana they put them under the same rule of Egyptian thumb, they have an overwhelming amount of Egyptians working for them in all their fast food franchises so its no surprise they are in the call center but they have no clue about the product. What surprises me is that they have Philipinos at most Baskin Robins, I honestly prefer Philipinos as they are very friendly and always give good service. So I wasn’t mixed up about the flavors but it seems I was talking to a guy who had no clue about the flavors.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Bader

    Drive* not driver, I know, no one likes a Smarty pants :)

  2. Jimmy

    BaskinRobins is American & Americana is Khourafi & Khourafi is infested with Egyptians ,,,, top to bottomn. Do not expect anything better .

  3. La Vita

    blue collar Egyptians are destroying the Kharafi franchises, they dont like to work, dont know the product and many of them couldnt care less about the company, its just a paycheck

    the problem is many of these franchises like kfc, baskin and i think hardees are kharafi and the quality of the food and service, not to mention the sanitation has gone downhill

    I much prefer the Kuwait of the 1980s when Filipinos were working at these franchises and the culture was different.

  4. MJ

    Not sure why we need to hire more and more Egyptians. They are lazy, have no work ethic and are arrogant for no good reason!!!

  5. Mo

    Afaaaaa Marzouk, why are you going hard on my people man? Now look at the comments, someone says we’ve “infested” Al Kharafi like we’re some kind of insects and someone else labels every Egyptian as lazy and arrogant.

    I know what you’re trying to get at and that your criticism is toward the company which doesn’t hire qualified personnel but the way you worded it has brought out the little racist in everyone.

  6. @Bader -Lol don’t mind the fixes, I just type and post, bad habit!

    @Jimmy – Not always the case, but they do go overboard!

    @vampire – lol

    @La Vita – There is a degree of truth to that, but as you mentioned I do prefer services from Filipinos

    @MJ – That isn’t the case with all Egyptians, some are relaly good

    @Mo – Well Mo, it was directed at the work process they have at Americana and they don’t always hire the most qualified for the job.. but sometimes you have to do admit there are some bad Egyptian apples at different jobs. If you think these commentators are ranting, you should see what the people working at Baskin Robins were saying! But don’t worry, you know there is a lot of love for Egypt!

    @G-Funk – With ice cream I will just drive!

  7. I agree wholeheartedly with “La Vita” and its something that I as well as many others have been saying since the franchises have been bought out…

    I just have one thing to add, and perhaps this will also touch on Mo’s concern (which is completely valid):

    Americana purchased franchises that we running, and already had a full employee roster…meaning the employees required from Egypt were only going to increase the amount of employees without being expected to increase value. Having said that, they initially targeted low cost and untrained employees so as not to incur too much of a loss in their goal to keep the Egyptian government happy. After consecutive losses, employees needed to be cut, but not the Egyptian ones because they were employed for political/economic reasons…and not because he was the best call center dude in all of Egypt.

    Now if you go to Egypt, and use one of their call centers…you will see the remarkable difference, and a higher quality to the service you receive because he/she was hired for their merit.

    That’s why I agree “La Vita” and I would rather the current employees be changed for Filipinos…or better trained, higher cost Egyptians.

  8. EVERY time I had to deal with an Egyptian… in EVERY company… It has been a bad experience. It’s unfortunate – but true! They simply want to cut corners and don’t care what happens after they ‘complete’ the task.

    If you want to destroy your business, employ more of them.

  9. wow it seems that inexperienced, incompetent egyptians do give out a bad vibe and ruin it for the rest of those egyptians out there!

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