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BouSaleh Anime Store

Now this turned out to be an interesting shop, I haven’t been to Muthana Complex in at least 12 years and Mark told me about this place a while back so I decided to check it out. The only other Anime Model place I know is rihab and they also have a decent collection. But this store is a little different they have a huge collection of Gundams as well as other items, he had one Transformer model that looked really cool but turns out it wasn’t for sale, it was BouSaleh’s private collection.

Then they had other items such as Jet’s and Air Craft Carriers which were genuine miniature models. The place is packed, you have a large selection and the prices aren’t bad, a bit more then buying it online but the satisfaction of having then item right away is nice. Sometimes when buying models you don’t know what type it is but in this case, you get to see them and I picked up a few that I was looking for. It took me about 15 minutes to find the store because it isn’t in easy to find location on the second floor but at the end it was worth looking for it.

Picked Up:

  • Sensheiro
  • Captain Harlock’s Spaceship(Rare)
  • Mazinger Z Fist