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GulfRun 5 – Teaser

Things are getting all worked up at this point, people are getting their cars ready and this teaser comes out. What I can see is the Lotus 211 and the Caterham’s in the video, those machines stick to the asphalt like glue and take off like bullets. This year there seems to be some developments taking place during GulfRun 5, going to be a little bit more then last year, and more developments with the track.

From the trailer you can tell the dates are a little bit more then what it was so I’m going to enjoy that extra time. The Car Show has been confirmed for 360 Mall on the 15th and 16th of January with Cars being exhibited on the outside ramp as well as the main inside hall, this is going to be nice show of the racing breed. Check out UpTill1 for more detailed information for GR 5.

I can’t wait for it, the wait is like an itch which is driving me nuts. And NegativEffects keeps making these great videos, I do enjoy when I see quality Kuwaiti talent doing things like this.