My Use – HP 5101

Finding the right netbook is always annoying these days since they are updating them consistently. I wanted a machine that I take around, very light but yet powerful and can handle a good amount of multi-tasking. The previous HP Mini was nicely designed but was really lacking punch, now they have done a great job with 5101 and the features of it. I have now used it for a few months and really put it through its paces, traveling with me for weeks on end, using it on planes, in cafes and carrying it in a small bang and taking a few bangs on the way. Overall I think it turned out to be a better laptop then I expected but the price and not being able to play 720p video crisply brought it down from 5 out of 5 to 4 out of 5, I think HP is taking the right steps.


  • Fast Loading SSD
  • Very Long Lasting Battery 4 – 6.5 hours depending on Screen Brightness
  • Handle Most software
  • Excellent quality and Build, very nice exterior, clean cut and nice keyboard
  • Very Light
  • Perfect 11.1 Inch Screen
  • N280 Intel Atom Processor does the job
  • WWAN Card works with Viva, Wataniya, and Zain
  • Very nice feel to the keyboard
  • The fan isn’t loud when cooling
  • When running for long periods it doesn’t get too hot like previous models


  • Doesn’t Play 720p videos as promised
  • Lacking CD Slot (As can be expected from a netbook)
  • Price a bit steep with the SSD option, just going over $1000


A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. I was thinking of getting it, but i’ll wait for the iTablet :)

  2. with the SSD, it will be worth every penny

    etkasra bel 3afya ;)

  3. hp is my fav.

    my old one just died

    i think this one is my next choice

  4. Hi, I posted before on your Ghost in the Shell tachikoma blog. Did you find the Motoko statues? Anyway, I was wondering how you like the glossy trackpad on the 5101? I’m kind of waiting for the rumored 5102 hopefully with Ion. But I like the 5101’s design. Playing the wait and see but hope 5101s don’t sell out before the new model. Bye.

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