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Wrong Move


This is probably one of the most annoying kinds of pain, it totally threw me off for the last few days. I was changing in the morning about to head to work when I stretched my arm in one direction to put the undershirt on while trying to stick my hand in another way. It looks like a complicated procedure but I was trying to get the cloths on quick, when I heard a certain click and then pain. Seems I moved my arms in a directions that didn’t agree with my torso and neck, so now I can’t turn my neck completely to the right without feeling a ridiculous amount of pain.

This resulted in me being not completely functional, I went to work but moving my neck around is annoying. I feel like I look like a damn ostrich in the position I’m holding my neck so I can move it comfortably. Deep heat and Vicks were my first option with some Tylenol throw into the mix which helped but didn’t completely fix it. The annoying part is I know that it takes a couple of days to heal, but a friend was telling me to take some muscle relaxants and he said it would make me a bit drowsy/dizzy so I would chill at home when I take it. Its annoying that nothing can be done to solve this ailment.