Lexus ♥ iPod


The one annoying thing about the 2008/09 Lexus LX 570 & Toyota Landcruiser is that they can’t integrate with the iPod. You have to buy an aftermarket adapter to integrate into the system, and in my case I found a perfect solution which worked for me but you would expect a car as expensive as that to be able to integrate without issues. It seems Toyota heard people’s complaints, with the 2010 Landcruiser / Lexus LX 570 all you have to do is plug into the iPod into the USB slot next to the gear handle and it integrates right into your audio system with all files, playlists, and other details showing up on the screen. I have a 2009 Landcruiser so I got my solution which works for me, and my friend just purchased a 2010 LX 570 and that suv connects right away without any issues. Toyota always does this, they release a few options year after year, and if you bought the model year before then tough luck you can’t upgrade that option in your car even though its just a software thing, its good they keep upgrading but it’s annoying when it was something as simple as iPod integration, well good for all those who will be buying a new LX 570 or Landcruiser.

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  1. what was your solution? Because my car doesn’t have a tape deck or AUX, and I’m not sure how to listen to my ipod without the annoying itrip. Do I have to take it to have an AUX or something of the sort installed?

  2. Corolla Man (AE86)

    Just to make sure, what are you saying that the USB in the Lexus and the Toyota LC is not only for charging the IPod, does it work with USB Sticks and Iphones??

  3. yikez

    Corolla Man – my car plays everything (play list, genre, artist etc) from the USB. I dont even see the ipod anymore. Also charges my ipod. I tried usb sticks and u can also get playlist and all.

  4. yeah whats your 2009 landcruiser’s solution ? its so much easier when everything is integrated without aftermarket stuff. and i also hate the way they add stupid options every year that sometimes you cant add or take away. like the gold trim on the 2009 instead of the all silver 2008. its a corporate money making world….

  5. Michael Silverman

    i have the Lexus LX570 2010 and there is a mini jack next to the usb, The usb is connected to a internal harddrive , So what i do is just plug the ipod into the mini jack. THERE IS ZERO CONTROL like all of lexuses competitors . Its amazing how they just dont get it. The lx570 is a great truck , but its not a 90k ipod dock

  6. yikez

    Michael – i too have the 2010 lx570 but im not sure i quite understand what u mean. I plug my ipod into the usb port, and it integrates into the car audio system. It charges and plays (genre, artist, playlist etc).

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