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Mr. Delivery


I remember a while back about a delivery service that delivered food or items from your house to any other location. I was trying to remember the name I remember that Kuwait Black Market had them a while back and found it. KBM spoke about Mr. Delivery and we wanted to order from Johnny Rockets on Friday night and didn’t want to move, and we were really hungry and lazy at the same time. We called them up, they said its 2.5 KD for delivery from Johnny Rockets Salhiya to Mishref, which isn’t too bad and they asked for the bill amount and I told them over 50 KD (We were very very hungry, and we have a friend named The Ferret who can eat anything and everything). Then Johnny Rockets called and told us the driver was there but the food didn’t leave yet, they called us once it was done and he took the food. He got to us in about 15 minutes, right behind the house without having to call and find the street or getting lost. A great service which I will be using again and recommending to people. Also one other note, he had a heat bag to keep the food warm which is a plus, I was impressed, fixed low price and no hassle service what more could I have asked for.

Mr Delivery

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  • Reasonable Prices & No Headaches