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I was always curious about how exactly do the speed cameras decide which car is speeding when they are side by side and one is going a lot faster, so it seems I will be getting my answer soon. One woman driving Chevy Tahoe on Fahaheel Expressway (30), she was driving really aggressively when there were a lot of cars on the road, she would flash and honk, and what surprised me is that she is muhajabah, and she had kids in the car, I would think she would be more composed instead of driving like a maniac. I was on my way to Wafra for lunch, going at about 120 kmh since there were cars in front of me and around, enjoying some new playlists that I put together and a few oldies as well. After a while there was a stretch of open road on my right, and that lady tried several times to nagivate from the other lanes to get ahead but failed, so when she saw the open lanes she hit the gas and took off, I could see her coming up quick in the middle lane and no cars in front of her. I saw the speed camera up front and slow down a bit to signal her but she was a woman on a mission. The moment she passed me was the moment we were both passed the speeding camera and it flashed, and she continued to fly as if nothing happened. Now I will find out how accurate these cameras are if I get the ticket, then I am pretty much screwed because you can’t do anything about it in Kuwait and I think I have some points racked up meaning that I would lose my license for a while which is a strange thing in Kuwait, but time will tell. Knowing the MOI it will take at least 4 to 6 months before it shows in the system and if it doesn’t then I’m in the clear and those cameras work right, and if I do get a ticket then I’m taking a shot gun to those cameras and giving them a few more holes to see better.

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  1. Elvis

    I’ve been wondering the same thing for a while now. The situation does happen to many people. Hopefully we could get an answer to this soon.
    (4 to 6 months would be too long to realize though)

  2. Kuwaity

    I don’t know how speed camera exactly works but It happened to me several times long time ago and thank god, I haven’t received any ticket.

    Just thinking if the camera use laser beams to detect speed, then it should distinguish the driving lanes thus giving the one who looks at the photo an idea about which car is speeding. If it uses radar (EM waves) then I can’t be sure if it can direct multiple radar propagations and distinguish the lanes.

  3. Not Dead Yet

    As far as I’ve heard, if there are two or more vehicles next to each other in a speed camera picture, that picture gets automatically disqualified because the camera can’t distinguish which is the speeding vehicle. Its a sort of loop hole in the system but a fair one since I believe they don’t want to wrongfully accuse someone of speeding when they might not have.

    So don’t worry, there’s a big chance you might not get a ticket.

  4. woman on a mission .. LAWL :D ”

    i’m sure ur not going to get a fine

  5. Bader

    Not Dead Yet is right, I asked a traffic offical once and he told me the same thing.

  6. jaja

    see that 3 months period they mention in the ticketing system? If you manage to get your license back when they take it driving the M6 then you won’t have any problems with this one, I got mine already.

  7. I hate MOI with vengeance and everyone in it and that woman is an idiot. I’ll help you shoot the cameras.

  8. I paid fines from 2005 last month when I renewed a car registration! 2005!

    There was nothing to pay when I checked in October.

  9. I always assumed that they use both the images it takes and with those the camera can automatically calculate which one was speeding by judging the distances traveled between the two images since they already know that they are taken a fraction of a second apart, i imagined a totally automatic system… I’m pretty sure they can calculate and keep up with speeds of at least two or three cars simultaneously.

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