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The Meat Co. Kuwait

Now this was an interesting dinner, it was the second day that Meat Company was open or what some of my friends have started calling it “Laham Co.” I was looking forward to trying their Beef Ribs apperitzers and some good Rib Eye Steak. Luckily more and more places are opening up in 360 Mall and I do enjoy walking around, so I remembered where the location of Meat Company is located.

We really didn’t need to reserve, there were six of us and we had a choice of any table but we had a few smokers that wanted to smoke which was a bit annoying but no one was on our side. There were 6 of us and they sat us down on a table for 8 people, we looked at the menus and everything seemed the same but a few tiems were different then Dubai, the Wagyu Rib-eye was missing but it was 90% similar.

The beef ribs came in 10 minutes, and we ordered the main courses. Each person chose his own and all of them were very different. Out of 6 orders they only messed up 2 orders, and my friend took the oppurtunity to milk the situation for all that he could. His steak was well done when he ordered medium rare, so when they brought back another steak it looked uncooked basically warmed and on the plate. But my steak and a few of the others was really good, I really enjoyed the good tasting food. They need some time to get the cooking and ordering right, the staff need some more experience but I think that it will be good. I know I’m going back for some steak again in the near future.