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Nice Day in Dubai

27C sunny weather in Dubai with a cool breeze and no hummidity, the weather was really nice for once. I had to go to a few places in Dubai for heading back to the airport, luckily there wasn’t too much traffic. There was some sort of Opec conference taking place but not that much traffic, passed by Dubai Mall for a bit. It seems they opened a new theater company in that mall called Reel.

When coming in my E-Gate pass just expired on the 8th, so I went to the counter to renew at the arrivals. A few people in line, wasn’t sure if I could renew it at the counter during arrivals. When you register you pay 200 Dhms and you need your passport with you which I didn’t have. When it came to my turn I said I wanted to renew, she told me it was 200 Dhms and thats it, just updated a few details on my account and took the finger prints of my left and right index fingers. I had a new E-Gate pass valid for two more years renewed in under 8 minutes, it worked right away at the E-Gate passport area, every thing went smoothly. Its really worth having that E-Gate pass even if you don’t go to Dubai too often.