Wataniya Airways- Early Flight

I had a meeting to get to, organized the next day in Dubai before I even looked at the timing of the flights, luckily Wataniya Airlines flew early enough and I booked on the 7 am flight. I didn’t realize that 7 am would mean that I would have to be up by 5 am to take my time and get to the airport by 6 am. I got to the airport and boarded my flight, it was still dark outside. My flight back was around 6 pm so I had a few meetings get it done, then a bit to eat and head back to Kuwait. Took a few episodes of Supernatural with me on the flight, I am addicted to the show so I have a few episodes with me. I do enjoy flying, especially if its by chartering a Jettly jet but I hate the Marhaba lounge in Dubai Terminal One, its uncomfortable and tacky but landing at Sheikh Sa’ad Airport makes up for it.

On the early morning flight I was the only person sitting up front, it wasn’t that full in economy either. I wonder when these flights do get full during the week, but on the way back it was a little more full. Had a couple of arabic coffees to keep me awake, I almost ran out of battery that time in the day but still had a few things left to do. The best part of landing is walking out so quickly, and out to my car to head home and relax for a little while.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Mohammed

    Am really interested in working to your company seriously :)

  2. Bu Na9ra

    Where do you work anyways?

  3. I hate business but I don’t mind working there either if I get to travel every week too :P The 2nd picture from the bottom is amazing. The clouds remind me of Philadelphia cheese.

  4. Mohammed

    Allah ya7fathik yuba shakla el comment shaqok :)

  5. lol @ mohammed, You’re paranoid :P but in any case, Allah ya7fi’6a min kil shar, iwafga wizeeda min fa’6la :)

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