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Wimmer RS VW GTI

I have always been a fan of the VW GTI & R32, they just perfected the compact car. Its fun, agile, great around the corners but I feel that they were too conservative with the power, so hear comes Wimmer RS to spice things up a bit.

20 inch Rims, lower stance, and adjustable coilovers is all you see on the outside. This sleeper car is something to be afraid, its something I have always hope for from VW, but came out of Wimmer RS tunig to make this beast of a machine. From stock 211 bhp to a screaming 386 bhp and 336 ft-lb of torque. A daily use car that rip the roads to shred and do some damage on the track, I’m mind trying this car out for a bit.

Link: autoblog