Traffic in All Directions

That day they the test on Tuesday I had one meeting in the city, then a stop in Qurtoba for another quick meeting, then the office. The plan was simple, but I didn’t think there would be that much traffic from all the blocked roads. After my meeting was done, I was pretty much stuck in traffic for three hours in total, 1 hour and 20 minute for a 10 minute drive and 1 hour and 40 minutes for the drive back to the office.

Fahaheel Expressway (30) wasn’t moving, neither was Malik Fahad Expressway (40), I tried being smart and taking the inside roads to try to circumvent the traffic, but it seems everyone had that idea too. I couldn’t get go any where fast, it was at snails pace, at one point I got out of the car to stretch my legs. So basically from 12pm until about 3 pm the traffic was completely messed up, which is ridiculous, and if this is the test run then I can’t imagine how bad traffic is going to on this coming Monday and Tuesday. I recommend to stay in the office or call in sick for those days, it will be horrible to be on the road.

(Our Office Cats fear no one, I was less then a meter a way and they couldn’t give a damn, these boys have been around the block and knock a few people around, they are not to be messed with, especially that big one in the middle of the hood. Cats are Evil!)

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. And why don’t they use helicopters and stop fussing around? or are the Maybachs and Rolls Royces more fancy? Bunch of showoffs!

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  3. they should have declared it a holiday the traffic is ridiculous but the cats on the other hand are AWESOME :p

  4. Cuuute!! 7aram 3alaik! Look how adorable and harmless they are! They’re sleepy, cute and fat! God bless winter for fat cats! HUMANS ARE EVIL!

    If people foolishly demand that the government drops their financial debts and almost got away with it, I think we can demand they give us a whole week off for post-traffic trauma syndromes.

  5. I’m interested to see how they’re going to pull this one off.

  6. akbar

    What a life, no traffic jams, food freely overflowing around and privledge to sleep on a warm hood of any vehicle of your choice. No worries about traffic, global warming, deadlines or anything. Cats rule mate. At least in the GCC.

  7. Kuwaity

    I hate traffic jams and the stupid drivers!

    As for the cats, nobody on earth caught as many cats as I did :D
    Once I see some evil cats around, I simply prepare a trap and start reducing the number of cats :D I take them to work parking lot or to south AL Surrah! If you noticed that the number of cats in south AL Surrah is increasing rapidly, that’s because of me!
    I know some of you want to kill me but I can’t stand them and don’t wont to harm or kill them, simply stamp on their passport! LoL

  8. The M Code

    I’ll go to college around 7am then on Tuesday. I know that that means I will be staying in college for 12 hours, but what to do?

  9. Kuwaity, that is extremely cruel! Street cats live in colonies. How would you feel if someone took you out of your neighborhood blindfolded in a filthy box to another area without a single familiar soul around you. Also, you should be careful some of these cats have babies and they might die without feeding properly if you took their mama away from them.

  10. Kuwaity

    Miss, This is life! and If I did something wrong I don’t mind :)

  11. jewaira

    I love those cats!! :P

    The one on the left is a fat male and the calico one is a female.

    Guess they were just chilling…and enjoying the heat of the engine lol

  12. LOOOOL! bold cats! loved them :p especially el rahiii the big one :D looks very comfortable and doesnt mind if the world came close to it :D

    The traffic with the summit thing made me appreciate getting out of work @ 3pm :> for once in my life!

  13. lulu

    i HATE CATSSSS….I love lizards :P

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