Foil A Car Or Not

Foiling is a new phenomeno that has been taking place in the Kuwait and the Middle East, its the simple practice of changing color or design of a car using a special type of sticker on top of the car’s original color. Its a quick way to change colors, styles, and protecting your vehicle’s body. Its legal in the US and Europe, now for the Middle East its a different story.

I was reminded of this topic because of Brake Banzeen’s article linked below, Creative FX did a fantastic job on the F430, making it look easy. In Kuwait you can do it in a few legit places or in Shuweikh, in Al Zeena Street, but I wouldn’t recommend either. I was thinking of getting a strip or something done with the material but it looks like the police are out with vengeance.

Sticker guys who were caught in Shuweikh applying the stickers across whole cars like that were apprehended and deported for applying the stickers. I asked in a two day period 15 Indian and Bangladashi workers were apprehended, and this is when they are trying to do an honest job. I don’t know how they want to hold them responsible when they should just fine the owners of the cars, but it seems there is something else is going on. Word from the top is simple, if your car has the whole sticker applied it is towed and impounded for no less three days, and thats if you can get it out. They are out for blood and I honestly can’t imagine why. They make things really difficult for anyone that wants to do any customizing to a car, and everything is always illegal because its easier for them to take that route to figure a simple system of regulating it. Really not worth all that trouble.

Link: Brake Banzeen

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  1. It’s really illogical to go and ban something due to lack of understanding or pure laziness. There should be a committee, a board or something like that which deals with issues like this. I honestly feel bad for those poor worker guys who were rounded up. It’s not their fault at the end of the day.

  2. akbar

    Think there is more to it mate. Imagine habitual offenders using this to decoy their car paint using this? Am sure there is a valid and viable reason for the cops to be on their toes.

  3. I have one super-stripe down the middle of my car and i get a lot of hassle from cops. Its become a habit of mine to avoid heavily policed roads to avoid getting a traffic fine but i have noticed that most police men just let me off with a warning… The fact of the matter remains, if you do such a thing you are at the mercy of the police man at the routine checkpoint or even if he stops you in any road… its up to them to fine you or not and for me iv been lucky more times than most people…

    Besides that, its actually fun watching police try to keep up, especially when your not actually speeding or doing dangerous maneuvers.

    If its the criminals they want to catch, they will catch them… it seems obvious to me that these ludicrous traffic fines are just ways for the MOI to collect cash for their new dodge chargers and etc…

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