Heritage Car Show in Kuwait

Got a call from Wehbi about the Car Show next to 360 Mall, and some interesting combination of cars in the show. I wasn’t aware of location, but he gave me spot on directions to the car show, so I thought I would head there directly after lunch. Took me 5 minutes down the 6th Ring Road and I got there, luckily there was a lot of parking and it was held in a very nice grassy area. I’m a bit disappointed with the venues in Kuwait, Mishref grounds used to be state of the art 20 years ago but now it feels like its just falling apart and there is no major improvement which does need to happen. I was just happy there was this type of car show taking place in Kuwait, they should take place more often.

There are cars inside and outside, I like the trucks and a few sports cars outside, I was curious what would be inside. There were a bunch of GTOs, some Corvettes, a few Aston Martins, and a lot of cars. The event seems very nicely organized, it takes 10 minutes to enjoy and walk around the whole thing, lots of nice cars, well taken care of and maintained. I saw a couple of cars that I liked but the one I liked the most was the SS & the Dodge Power Wagon outside, I really liked the trucks. Its great seeing people enjoying their cars and taking care of them, more should be done to promote events such as these.




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  1. yikez

    love the green aston martin .. 1984 model i think!

  2. Great photographs! The event was delightful to be honest. Some things I would change but overall, I was very pleased. We need more events like this in Kuwait.

  3. elwehbi told me about this and I wanted to go but I couldn’t and now I’m bummed! I wanna touch the pontiac gto!!! when’s the next one?

  4. How did i miss this event? I wish I was there..nice pics.

  5. Teddy B:

    There is going to be a larger event happening in January. I should be getting some info on that soon so will make sure to communicate it!

  6. Thanks to your post, we will know about the January event from El Wehbi.

    Nice photos Marzouq…

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