Wataniya Telecom Ads

Recently I have been seeing more Wataniya Ads then the other providers, more ads on the street and newspapers. There are certain things that I think should be red, and I do like Wataniya’s branding its just they have been a bit on the quiet side while the other two squabble a lot. A friend of mine has both a Wataniya & Zain number, he uses both consistently, and he has experiment with the two and for some reason Zain is consistently more expensive, he always gets a higher bill. I have come to the conclusion that having a Mobily Saudi line in Kuwait is cheaper then having a Zain line but I have take a closer look at later. Going back to the main subject, I was searching Wataniya earlier and stumbled upon their Youtube Channel, its nice seeing big companies using tools that we use, I really liked the 10th Anniversary Ad. I honestly prefer the original red flag of Kuwait then the current one, it feels original and full of pride, click play below to see the ad.

Link: Wataniya
Link: WataniyaYoutubeChannel

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  1. The idea/imagery is good (I think) but the man’s voice doesn’t go with any of what we see nor what Wataniya claim they stand for…

  2. Daddyz Girl

    GO Wataniya its your birthday LOL ;)

  3. I love the ad too! And the old red flag is much nicer! I love it… as a matter of fact I have one in my room :-) And yes, it is full of pride! I agree.

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