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Review: Timbaland – ShockValue II


The musical genius has returned to us with his new album shock value 2. I expect a lot from Timbaland he has set the bar so high, and he keeps making amazing songs with so many artists so I have been looking forward to this CD. I have listened to it a lot with some good tracks and some odd tracks, I had a certain expectation for this CD but this wasn’t it, it was too much pop this time around. Timbaland worked with a lot of artists and came out with some unique and fun songs, but not what I was expecting. The beats are good, some songs get you going with it, song after song they are all different and nothing is the same, just what you expect from Timbaland’s talent. Most of the songs are amazing and I do recommend the CD but in my opinion the first Shock Value was a notch better then this one, still its an album that you should own.

Favorite Songs:

  • Carry Out – ft. Justin Timberlake
  • Say Something – ft. Drake
  • Morning After Dark – SoShy & Nelly Furtado
  • Long Way Down – Daughtry
  • If We Ever Meet Again – Katy Perry