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Dogs in Athens

I had a quick trip to Greece for a day and half, with some meetings the first day and my flight back the next afternoon. So I took the oppurtunity to walk at night and snap pictures, and next morning to head to the Acropolis. There is a lot I have to say about Athens and Greeks, I wondering why I haven’t come here before, but what astounded me were the dogs. There are so many dogs and stray dogs in Athens, and a huge majority of them are treated very nicely.

Greeks are very humane to most animals, but they are very friendly to dogs. At first I thought a lot of dogs belonged to certain people but that wasn’t the case, these dogs would just tag along with people for a bit then head back. I saw this at the parlaiment building, and then again when I was heading up to the Acropolis the next morning. Its a beautiful city with so much to see, so many areas, and very nice people. All these dogs were very nice, you could easily approach them, some had collars and it seemed they were dogs of a certain location and people were nice to them, it was really nice to see that, there were a lot of jolly dogs.