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Streets Of Plaka

Old streets always have something to tell you, some of these streets are hundreds of years old and you can feel it when walking around. Plaka is the old city of Athens, so much to see, so many old colorful two story buildings around the area. I enjoy areas such as this, I can spend all day walking around here. Greeks are a happy people, and they love cafes, I kept walking there for over three hours and the same people kept sitting at the same cafe’s with more cups of coffee on the table and some sweets.

After walking some time I could feel my stomach start grumbling. The weather was perfect, cold and sunny, so Speeros told me he would take me to the perfect Kabab place to get a bite to eat. I honestly got lost from so many turns we took, luckily he knew these streets like the back of his hand. I was surprised to find the ancient ruins in the middle of all this, and its a large plot of land, nothing small, its fantastic seeing places such as these.