3D TV/Movies Are Overrated


All this hype about Avatar 3D and all the manufacturers talking about 3D TVs coming out very soon, outfitting movie theaters with 3D projectors. There is one factor they keep omitting to talk about, its those tacky glasses which are in red and blue. The first 3D movie I remember watching was a Michael Jackson movie back in the early 90s/late 80s in Disney Land with my family, and those little things were flying around and I walked out with a headache.

I tried watching a few 3D movies after that but all I remember is walking out with a severe headache, and throwing those glasses in the trash. Its an added overhead for movie theaters, and to have those glasses at home just to watch TV. With TV manufacturers they need a new gimmick to convince people to buy these expensive TVs but you don’t really need it since it won’t be nicer that what you already have. TVs which 120Mhz @1080p is fantastic, the newer ones are causing a certain amount of blur but going 3D is not an improvement just a huge headache and tacky glasses for people, manufacturers need to sell more TVs fast and this is the best way they could think off.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. meh

    you have obviously not seen Avatar 3D, the glasses are transparent and do not give you double vision or headaches or whatever. 3D technology have come a long way since the last time you used them in the 90’s.

  2. I agree on the part with the TV.. I can’t image sitting at home with glasses on.. I think 3D should be only a cinema experience..

  3. I had headaches before with the old 3-d the red and blue glasses now with the polarized glasses and imax ,which is a better resolution than the normal projectors, it is a great experience.
    now SONY will broadcast world cup in 3-d in selected cities.
    I’m with 3-d TV& of course 3-d gaming

  4. Yea… the 3D technology of the 1990s is different than what it is now…

  5. Mo Hat

    Marzouq your analogy is like comparing a 90’s vehicle to a 00’s one. Try the 00’s one.

  6. i agree i watched shrek 3D, polar express 3D and bloody valentine 3D and i felt stupid there is nothing 3D about them …..

  7. I can understand what your point is…becuz sometimes technology ruins the experience..sometimes the good old fashion way of watching movies beats this “3D”..I wudnt know about it much cuz i haven’t actually seen any movie in 3D!

  8. Han

    “I think 3D should be only a cinema experience…”

    ^^ Well said Ali. The only movie worth watching in 3D by far is Avatar, as its new technology surpasses all those gimmicks such as Shrek, Pyranna, etc.

  9. 3D glasses drop sharply in price. In addition to the much lower whole-set price, the 3D TV also come with a more reasonable price for 3D glasses – reduce from hundreds of dollars to several dollars. For a family of three, less than one hundred dollars could cover all the supporting facilities previously worth 400-500 dollars.

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