Eating @ Plaka

At my last day I wanted to walk around in the old city, so my friend took me to Plaka to walk around and he said he knew the best Kabab place in all of Greece. You go, you sit, you eat, you leave, you don’t even order they don’t have anything on the menu but kabab, tzatziki, and french fries. We walked around for a bit, after 10 minutes we got to the location, and some words were exchanged between him and the guy in front of the place, and switch to perfect English welcoming me to his restaurant.

We sat down and the food came out in less then 5 minutes, he even cut a piece of kabab, top it with tzatziki and I tried taking the fork he slap my hand down and fed me the piece of kabab. I burst out laughing, he said this is how it is done in Greece, I loved the place, he was stopping every person walking and talking them into his restaurant, he was fantastic and hilarious. Service was great, people were flying around us all the time, I would ask for a coke and one other person would be on the way bringing it right away and the place was pretty big. It was more like a meat factory, and it was all kababs and lots of people kept on coming, this was the perfect meal before getting on the plane. Tzatziki is a special blend of yoghurt, cucumber, garlic, and red pepper, the taste of it worked perfectly with the bread and kabab. I just keep wondering why I haven’t been to Greece before this, I want to visit here when I’m not going for work.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. f7ee7eely

    el rest in kolonaki wayed a7san eww b3dain try out the roasted lamb in glefadah nsait esem el street — ew el night life in Ghazi 3ajeebah lat6oofek — eww i think u will enjoy shopping in attica department store — el chicken souvlaki lat6oofek —- kalispera ew paragelo yal7abeeb hehehe

  2. looks delicious…I still prefer Iranian Kabab over any other international Kabab :)

  3. That looks reaaaaaaallyyy good, bl3afya :)

  4. Oh my God what is this! 7aram 3alaik! I’m sick I can’t eat and I’m already drooling over this. The potato chips look soooo good!

    I lived in Greece all my life, there’s so much for you to see there other than Athens. It’s a beautiful place and the people there are nice, yeah but lazy like us :P

  5. You were hand fed oooh laa laaa!

    lucky u lol

  6. Moumy

    Doesn`t the Mediterranean serve the BEST food? I was in Cyprus a year ago & one of the major highlights of my trip was the food. Definitely.

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