Breakfast & A Ride

Friday morning I look forward to the most, whenever the weather is nice I want to go out these days. It rained the day before, and the next morning they said it was supposed to rain but I looked out the window as soon as I woke up and it was looking good. I called up Monichum to wake him up and meet up, short time to get ready then fill up with gas, and some how we met up on Fahaheel Express Way just entering the Gulf Road starting from Bida’a.

With some sign language and almost wacking Monichum’s helmet at the stop light we decided to have breakfast at Prime & Toast, and as usual the place was packed. A few of our friends caught up with us for breakfast, and more people started showing up. We then decided to head home, with the new playlist I got a song I was enjoying which I took off faster then usual which resulted a very high wheelie and freaked me out, but still a fun thrill. I’m loving this weather.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. KuwaitQ

    You should take longer routes and post about them, we’d like to know more about the bikes capabilities ;)

  2. Bu Khaled

    7aji, trust me insa prime and toast …. goo to Dalaq ishail oo order scrambeld eggs ( khosooosi) + 7amsaat la7am + SHaai 3ala il fa7am oo ed3eeeeli… oo il Ruman juice malhooom is perfect.

  3. What a great start to a Friday morning :)

  4. sLiM

    I want to ride again…….. enjoy it and take care

  5. Nice to be out in this weather. Whose lid is that? nice grafix :P

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