BluRay Shipment

I have been saving up a bunch of Blu-Rays for some time now on my Amazon Wish List. And I decided to ship them all one go through shipping service. This was the ultimate test, and I chose DHL Express Service to see what would happen to this shipment and how many BluRays would be confiscated from this extensive list of epic and lifetime movies. And thrown into the mix is one Sonos ZP90, an addition to my current Sonos unit, to play music in other areas.

I had several shipments of Blu-Rays and the ZP90, and MyUS combined all the items into one big box for easier shipping. 23 lbs in total for all the items combined, turned out to be $180, the items got into the MyUS mailbox in Florida over a two day period, so after getting several boxes I clicked to combine them all and ship, the next day I get a DHL tracking number to Kuwait. Three days later all the items are in Kuwait and I just give them my civil ID and pay 10 KD for the tax of the full value of the invoiced items. Overall a much better experience, much faster, cleared in two days from customs and delivered to my house, couldn’t ask for a better service. MyUS is only good for heavy shipments as others have mentioned, its too expensive for small parcels, so if you want to order a bunch of items try combining them one shot and sending them over in one heavy box, turns out to be a lot cheaper then Aramex and a lot less headache. I will use Aramex for small shipments but for big shipments I’m using MyUS.


  • Sonos ZP90
  • Justice League – The Complete Series DVD


  • 300
  • Batman Begins
  • The Dark Knight
  • Star Trek
  • Transformers
  • Transformers Revenge Of The Fallen
  • Gladiator
  • The Matrix Collection
  • Dead Space Downfall
  • GunBuster The Movie
  • DieBuster The Movie
  • Robotech The Shadow Chronicles
  • Appleseed Ex Machina
  • Samurai 7
  • Samura Champloo

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  1. psytrance

    u need to get

    bourne trilogy
    battlestar galactica

  2. My Blue Ray Dvds just came too:

    Transformers: RoTF
    Inglorious Bastards
    Star Trek
    Public Enemies
    Angels and Demons
    Drag me to Hell

    I still want:

    District 9

  3. KA FAN

    For customs for DHL, did you pay as COD (Cash on Delivery) like FedEx or you had to go to their office to pay the customs values? The only reason I use FedEx is because I pay for customs value as COD rather than going to their main office such as DHL which happened to me few years back.

  4. so nothing got confiscated? thats great!

  5. @psytrance – Battlestar Gallactica On The Way! With the Cylon! :)

    @q80saracen – Very nice! District 9 is worth it!

    @KA FAN – With DHL it was paid on delivery! But this is DHL Express Service through not the DHL mailforwarding service, you have to go to their office!

    @Mathai – I was surprised too! Nothing got confiscated! I was ready for a fight too!

  6. Why do you think our rates are too expensive for small shipments? How much cheaper is Aramex for small shipments? Is the services the same?

    I will try to improve our service for our valuable Kuwait customers.

  7. psytrance

    ya , i too got the cylon one,its an amazing box ,my only complaint is its blu ray covers sucks big time,you have to be really careful when taken them out or in

  8. Alaa Mohamed

    The Matrix Collection is pretty awesome

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