Wafra Outing

It was raining in the city so we decided not to go riding, I worked on a few things before heading out to Wafra for lunch. The weather was perfect, a nice cold chill, a few layers of clothing, a hoody and I am good to go. These long drives have given me a good reason to clean up and work on my playlists, they do need some sorting and adjusting, I keep finding songs that I have completely forgotten about over the past few decades but now I’m getting them back into rotation. Getting the playlists right makes some of them perfect for all kinds of drives and listening to the perfect song when I’m driving, find some good oldies.

This time Bu Jasim was taking care of lunch so I was looking forward to what was on the menu. As usual I was enjoying the drive, and since it has recently rain the ground was solid except for a few soft spots to avoid. I was enjoy the bouncy ride, its like riding on clouds, and as soon as I got in there were more people this time then last time. What surprised me were the dogs, small & big (people) brought their dogs, caramel was the small one, I forgot the labrador name but it was a lot of fun too. The funny part is that labrador only understood Arabic commands, which was amazing, and caramel was a friendly small dog that just walked around and found comfort where he could. Lots of people, perfect weather with a cool breeze, the best part was the tea after the meal and relaxing outside. I can never get enough of this perfect weather and desert, a dose of this every once in a while is perfect.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Marzoug, the photography is superb.

    What breed is the dog with the red leash ? Cute as hell !

  2. mmmmmmmmmm chaaaai dowaaaaaa 3ajeeeeeeb
    the first picture up there is awesome and that little dog looks sooo cute ^_^

    Seems like you guys had a good time bss you didn’t show us what was for lunch!!!

  3. sLiM

    Nice shots……

  4. beautiful photography!! love it!!
    seeing ur pets i miss mine :(

  5. purpleram

    Most important – what was for lunch??

  6. Looks like a great day out… I couldn’t stop looking at the sky yesterday. The clouds were beautiful.

    Great shots as usual and Caramel looks cute – and a little mean! Perfect combo.

  7. il 9uwar “naar” mithil maygoloon … il ga3da shakilha 7ilwa wil jaw shakla kan a7la!

  8. The pics really deliver the message that it was a beautiful day out!

  9. Awesome! I havent been to the south in a while, hopefully before winter is over. :)

  10. Sabeekaa

    The guy with the turtle neck should be selling women clothes in layla Gallery not in the middle of the desert
    Happy Newyear ;*

  11. Sarah

    P0ach I’m not Marzouq but I’ll answer your question anyways lol. It’s a Labrador! I’m getting a Morkie next week (Yorkshire/Maltese mix)!!

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