Karate Kid – Trailer

Who isn’t a fan of Karate Kid from the old days, we all did that move at the end, don’t lie you know you did. After that movie I thought I could beat anyone up, but I severely wrong and ended up with a bloody lip. I think I was just missing Mr Miyagi and I would have been good to go, but this movie is looking good to. Seems like Jaden Smith is making his name from movie to movie, he did pretty well in Pursuit of Happiness, and now an action martial arts movie with Jackie Chan. This is the first Western Movie that I see Jackie Chan playing a serious role, and I like where this is going. There is humor tied in with the serious part of the story, Jackie Chan plays an interesting role, and I like the role Jaden is playing.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. 7adda 3ajeeb
    must watch since there wasn’t good movies for Jackie lately

  2. I am sure looking forward to this movie!
    And its the first time I realize that Jackie Chan is actually old..

  3. Adsonic

    What’s the name of the first track?

  4. As much as it looks pretty interesting, I am against calling this movie “KARATE” Kid.. they went to Shanghai, he was learning Kung Fu with a Chinese master, fighting with Chinese kids.. I don’t see anything related to Karate, The original Movie at least had an original identity, Mr. Miyagi was Japanese, and the moves were all authentic Japanese Martial arts. hence the word “Karate”. This movie.. I don’t know, I am disappointed that Hollywood and the majority of people can’t differentiate after all the popularity of Martial Arts between Karat and Kung Fu. Between Japan and China.. to them they are the same.. it’s like when saying at a Kuwaiti, oh I saw a movie about you called “Not Without My Daughter” that happened in Iran :S

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