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Better Off Ted

From turning co-workers into human popsicles to converting ordinary fruit into a military weapon, nothing is off limits at the company depicted in this satire. Better Off Ted gives us a birds eye view into the clockworks of a soulless corporation, Veridian Dynamics. As the corporation makes technological advancements, morals and human rights are heavily neglected. Don’t drop your kids off at the Veridian daycare, unless you don’t mind them doubling as janitors!

I can’t believe that I only heard of this show recently, Ted works for Veridian Dynamics, a company which makes any product for anyone if they are paid for it, nothing is off limits. Ted is the nice guy with his team of misfit scientists always making the amazing product, and Veronica is his hot but insane corporate boss and believes feelings is a waste of time. The comedy is non-stop completely making fun of corporate culture, and then the team inside are hilarious, a comedy I wasn’t expecting, it was about to be canceled but it got renewed for the second season which is playing now and more to come, a comedy that will get you laughing.

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